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Twin Lotus Kids Herbal toothpaste - STRAWBERRY (35ml)

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Gentle, safe with natural herbal ingredients.

The formula is gentle and safe. Gives an effective cleaning of the gums and teeth.

With enzymes from fruits, helps break down protein stains from food and milk, the residue of brushing not thoroughly.

Licorice Extract Liquid and herbs reduce the accumulation of bacteria. 

Very sweet taste without causing tooth decay, gentle to the oral health of children

- Enzymes from fruits help to destroy protein, which causes tooth decay and bad breath.

- Enhances the return of minerals to the enamel and strengthen the protective tooth decay.

- Licorice Extract Liquid,sweetness from nature that reduces the accumulation of bacteria.

- Fruit extract (Strawberry) moisturizes and keeps gums healthy.


For children 2 years old and older.