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Twin Lotus Toothbrush - bamboo charcoal

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Producer: Twin Lotus Co., LTD.
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Antibacterial and deodorizing charcoal toothbrush with special black bristles and thin tips.
Soft bristles black toothbrush is made of bamboo charcoal, it has an antibacterial coating and is perfect for sensitive teeth and gums. Unique bamboo material does not retain moisture and keeps the bacteria on its surface.
Modern technologies used by the Thai Twin Lotus, will connect the antibacterial properties of bamboo charcoal in perfect shape and the combination of pile of bristles:
- The black bristles on a toothbrush "and Bamboo Charcoal" - different lengths: the top ultra-rounded bristles thickness of only 0.01 mm effectively clean the interdental space and remove plaque, lower height and a thick inner bristles to gently cleanse the enamel.
- Compared to conventional nylon toothbrushes, antibacterial carbon brush does not absorb moisture, it does not remain on harmful bacteria as bamboo charcoal has a pronounced antibacterial properties.
- Black Thai toothbrush has also deodorizing property - a well-known property of coal to absorb all the smells that will significantly freshen breath.
- Particularly appreciate the effect of this wonder-brush smokers and coffee lovers - thanks to bamboo charcoal absorbent properties brush absorbs excess odors, and in combination with organic Thai paste Twin Lotus has whitening and enamel properties teeth.
Colorful design and ease of use of the brush, reached by a rubber handle, makes the process of cleaning teeth pleasant and painless.